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Jaison Cianelli

Jaison Cianelli

Abstract Artist


Jaison Cianelli's unique oversized abstract canvas art has transformed the living space of many homes and businesses around the world with positive energy and contemporary appeal. Working in acrylic and digital mediums, Jaison uses innovative techniques that capture emotion and awaken the senses. His uplifting abstract artworks are created through exploration and honoring the process to let creativity flow though in the most natural and intuitive way possible. Each piece of art is a unique expression of harmonious energies inspired by a connection to nature and spirit.

"My abstract art is about connecting with the creative expression that manifests by being grateful for LIFE. To connect I feel incredibly happy. Through my art I hope to inspire others and share the positive energy I receive."

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Day Bliss - Abstract Art


Mother Earth - Abstract Art


Secret Garden - Abstract Art


A Heart So Big - Abstract Art


Warm Embrace - Abstract Art


Freedom - Abstract Art


Arrival - Abstract Art


Luminous - Abstract Art


The Greater Good - Abstract Art


Aurora - Abstract Art


Passion - Abstract Art


Life Is A Gift - Abstract Art


Just Being - Abstract Art


Flight Home - Abstract Art


Desire - Abstract Art


Music In The Forest - Abstract Art


Awake My Soul - Abstract Art


Infinite - Abstract Art


Lighthearted - Abstract Art


Imagination - Abstract Art


Divine Substance - Abstract Art


Essence - Abstract Art


Surrender - Abstract Art


Tree Of Life


Sapphire Dream - Abstract Art